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Solar Panels

Solar Thermal Collectors for heating water. The water can be used for domestic hot water (showers, baths, wash-up) or to boost the heating system.
Two types of Thermal Collector Panels:

  • Flat Plat
  • Evacuated Tube

SERES supply QUALITY solar thermal systems from the German manufacturer SOLARBAYER.


  • The Solarbayer Flat Plate systems are up to 30% more efficient than conventional collectors. This is due to the flat pipe technology and the reduced distance between the pipes (95mm)
  • The Solarbayer Tube Collectors use a 5.5mm thick glass tube and special CPC reflector behind the tubes
  • A solar system is only as good as the interaction of all its components. Solarbayer solar, hygiene and stratification storage tanks as well as the control system guarantee maximum efficiency of the system
  • The Solarbayer equipment is extremely competitive on price with other less efficient systems

SERES supply Solar Photovoltaic systems for generating electricity from the Irish based company Coolpower.

Solar collector mounting instructions 'download'

solar panel

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