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Wind turbines/Generators:

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (Propellor Type): Travere:
Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (Sail Type): Ropatec:

SERES supply Travere wind turbines that have certain proven significant advantages over other turbines such as:

  • Blade pitch control to regulate generator speed. This gives a wider window of wind harvesting.

Wind Turbines

  • Mechanical System for blade pitch control that is robust and simple.

  • Robust quality components that will withstand the Irish wind regime of gusty strong winds.

  • Modular blade system providing possibility of harvesting more power at lower average wind sites.

SERES also supply Ropatec wind turbines. These turbines are generally used on extreme wind sites as they provide the following advantages:

  • Low maintenance.

  • Long life.

  • Noiseless at high speeds.

  • Does not require any mechanical/electronic pitch control.

  • Does not require any cut-out mechanism.

Wind generation is very site specific and so please arrange to meet or speak with a SERES engineer to discuss your specific requirements and arrange a possible site visit.

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Maassen Sustainable Energy has bought the rights to the Travere 6KW turbine and now manufacture the majority of the parts in Ireland. Please see the files below for the most up to date pricing  and information on the MSET6 Turbine.

MSET6 Turbine Technical Specification 'Download'

MSET6 Turbine Pricelist 'Download'


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