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Wood Boiler

Gasifying Log Boiler: Burn any wood product to provide heat for your home.

SERES supply a highly efficient (90%) gasifying log boiler system from Solarbayer. Some features of the system are:

  • Fuel utilisation up to 30% more effective than standard wood fired boilers.

  • Boiler is used in combination with the Solarbayer stratification storage tank that allows the energy to be stored for an extended period of time. This reduces the number of burns required per day.

  • Once filled and lit the burning cycle takes up to 4 hours. In optimum situations this will provide all the heat and hot water for your daily needs

Wood gasification burner brochure 'Download'

Log Boiler

Gasifying Log Boiler User manual: 'Download'

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Bio-Fire efficient fireplace and stove design.

SERES supply an innovative chimney/fireplace from the German company Bio-fire.
This is an excellent alternative heat source for the passive solar house. The special ceramic building blocks used as well as the baffle design allow heat to be stored in the chimney and released over the day.

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